AHA Historical Markers Program

The Alabama Historical Association began sponsoring historical markers as early as 1950 and a standing AHA marker committee was created in 1952. The committee's duties are to encourage and assist interested parties in the purchase and erection of markers for historical sites. The committee also serves to check the accuracy of information carried in the proposed marker texts and to attest to a site's historic importance. The committee chair also facilitates ordering approved markers which are paid for by the sponsoring organization. The distinctive design of the Alabama Historical Association marker is a double-faced cast aluminum plate with a baked enamel finish. The plate has a deep blue background and the text is portrayed in gold letters. The insignia at the top is the Alabama flag.

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New Marker Requests

AHA Marker Refurbishment Grant  

Thanks to a grant from the Alabama Tourism Department, and in partnership with the Alabama Bicentennial Commission, the Alabama Historical Association has launched a one-year pilot refurbishment program, which will assume 100 percent of the costs for refurbishing approximately 45 AHA-sponsored markers.   The AHA Historical Marker Committee will administer this program.  Recipients will be selected based on criteria which include the marker’s state of deterioration and how the refurbished marker fits into the community’s overall plan for commemorating the Alabama Bicentennial.  Funds will be dispersed directly from the Association to the vendor and will not be routed through the grant recipient or a third party.

Refurbishment Application

Refurbishment Grant Guidelines

For more information, please contact: 

Scotty E. Kirkland

Chair, AHA Historical Marker Committee

P.O. Box 300100/624 Washington Avenue

Montgomery, Alabama 36130



New marker and refurbishment requests can be submitted electronically or by mail, but we will not be able to act upon them until the end of the year. 

Other Marker Refurbishment Options

The Alabama Historical Association assists in the refurbishment of up to five historical markers each year. The Association will pay 50 percent of the cost of refurbishing an existing AHA marker, up to $500. This program excludes total replacement of missing markers. It is administered by the committee chair with the consent of the AHA Executive Committee.

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