2021 virtual meeting

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Thursday, April 8

1 PM - 2 PM





2:30 PM - 3:45 PM






















4 PM - 5:15 PM
























6 PM - 7 PM


7 PM - 8:30 PM

Opening Panel: "The Clotilda Discovery and the Future of Africatown"

  • Anderson Flen, MCTSAA (Mobile County Training School Alumni Association)

  • Darron Patterson, CDA (Clotilda Descendants Association)

  • Joe Womack, CHESS (Clean, Healthy, Educated, Safe & Sustainable Community)

  • Moderator: Vickii Howell, President/CEO of M.O.V.E. Gulf Coast Community Development Corporation

Concurrent Sessions

SESSION A – Chris Maloney, Encyclopedia of Alabama, presiding

“Whose Land? Whose Artifacts? Looting and Collecting in the Shoals”

Brian Murphy, Florence Arts and Museums

“Old Families of Florence: James Jackson, George Foster, and Alexander Coffee”

Kayla Scott, Alabama Department of Archives and History


“Prohibition in Alabama”

Matthew Downs, University of Mobile

SESSION B – Mike Bunn, Historic Blakeley State Park, presiding

“Managing and Maintaining a Successful Historic Marker Program”

Kerry Dunaway, Clarke County Historical Museum

“Context Matters: Monuments, Memorials, and Memory in Limestone County, Alabama”

Rebekah Davis, Limestone County Archives


“Houston County Monuments and Memorials”

Marty Olliff, The Wiregrass Archives, Troy University Dothan

Concurrent Sessions

SESSION C – Valerie Burnes, University of West Alabama, presiding

“’A Mind to Be Heard’: Early Alabama Suffragist Frances Griffin”

Scotty Kirkland, Alabama Department of Archives and History


“‘To Make ‘Sissies’ of American Men’: Anti-Suffrage Propaganda in Alabama, 1919-1920”

Alex Colvin, Alabama Department of Archives and History


“‘One of the ‘Slickest Little Suffragists’ that Ever Came Back South’: Scottie McKenzie Frasier and the Wiregrass Suffrage Movement”

Hayden McDaniel, Alabama Department of Archives and History

SESSION D  – Howard Robinson, Alabama State University, presiding

“Daily Dreams: Alabama’s ‘Modern Girl’ Defines Herself”

Haley Aaron, Alabama Department of Archives and History

“Mollie Dowd: Champion of Alabama Working Women”

Debbie Pendleton, Montgomery


“Lelia Seton Wilder Edmundson: 1922 Candidate for the 8th Congressional District and Women’s Voting Pioneer”

John Allison, Morgan County Archives

Social Hour

Keynote Address by Beth Duke, author of Tapestry

Friday, April 9

8:30 AM - 9 AM








9:15 AM - 10:30 AM


















11 AM - 11:30 AM





11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Business Session and Election of Officers

Membership Report – Maiben Beard

Treasurer’s Report – Gayle Thomas

The Alabama Review – Matthew Downs

Historic Markers – Scotty Kirkland

Task Force One

Pilgrimage/Annual Meeting – Ben Severance

Nominating Committee Report – Beth Hunter

Concurrent Sessions

SESSION E – Shari Williams, The Ridge Macon County Archaeology Project, presiding

“Spiritual Journey: From Slavery to Hall of Fame”

Josephine Bolling McCall, Montgomery


“The Learned Slave”

Christopher McIlwain, Tuscaloosa


SESSION F – Debra Love, Black Heritage Council, Alabama Historical Commission, presiding

“The Macon County Health Center: Black Women, Hunger, and Health Activism,1967-1972”

Jill Cooley, Minnesota State University


“Identifying the Unfinished: Using Civil Rights Geographic Information Systems to Move from Study to Action in Alabama’s Black Belt”

Robert White and Ram Alagan, Alabama State University

Award Presentations

Presidential Address by Frazine Taylor

Historic Similarities Between the Underground Railroad and the Green Book

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