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Ebenezer Church 


April 1, 1865-A cavalry engagement here among fiercest of the Civil War. To defend arsenal of Selma, Forrest (Confederate flag) charged with 1500 into Wilson (U.S. flag), moving south with 7500. Forrest was seeking
to delay Wilson pending the arrival of scattered (Confederate flag) units. Forrest, involved in heavy fighting to inspire his men, suffered a saber wound, but killed opponent. Swollen streams and intercepted orders blocked aid for Forrest and forced his retreat. 

[Before 1965: 5349 AL Hwy 22, Stanton 32.736061 N    86.90014 W]


Walnut Creek United Methodist Church


Established 1820. 
Arthur Love, a charter member, was first pastor. 
Organized as a Methodist Episcopal Church. 
Became Methodist Protestant, 1828. 
Changed to Methodist Church, 1939. 
Affiliated with United Methodist, 1968. 
In the original church built of logs, Judge James Q. Smith, Montgomery, in 1869, 
presided at first court held
in Baker Co. (now Chilton). 
Circa 1875, a frame building replaced log church. 
Present brick building erected 1935. 
Walnut Creek United Methodist Church has always maintained a progressive Sunday School. 
[1978: 314 Co. Rd 458, Clanton 32.85462N  86.59857W]

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