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Frazine Taylor Research Grant

The Frazine Taylor Research Grant is a $500 grant is open to any graduate student conducting research on an Alabama-related topic.

The next award will be given in 2026

2024: Allie Lopez, Baylor University

2022: Christa Elise Kieffer, University of Kentucky

2019: Tammy Blue, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Joshua Shiver, Auburn University

Spencer York, University of Alabama

Justin Zimlich, University of South Alabama

2017: Anna Hrom, Duke University
Topic: “Fraud Heaven, Tort Hell: Tort Law as a Tool for Consumer Protection in Alabama, From 1970 to the Present”


2015: Hayden McDaniel, University of Southern Mississippi

Topic: "From Carver to Carter: The Political Economy of Peanut Cultivation in the South, 1920-1976"

Emilie Connolly, New York University

Topic: "Indian Trust Funds and the Routes of American Capitalism, 1795-1865"


2013: Jeffrey Thomas Perry, Purdue University

Topic: "From 'Disturbers' to Protectors of the Peace: Baptist Church Discipline and Legalities on the Trans-Appalachian Frontier, 1780-1865"


2011: Thomas Chase Hagood, University of Georgia
Topic: "Rewriting the Frontier: Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 1816-1916"


2009: Scotty Kirkland, University of South Alabama
Topic: Gessner McCorvey and restricting the Black vote in Mobile


2007: Jennifer Newman, Auburn University
Topic: Religious beliefs and identity of Alabama and Georgia women during the Civil War


2005: Anthony Donaldson, Auburn University
Topic: "Goal Posts and Ivory Towers: The University of Alabama and Auburn University, 1871-1941: A Study of the Relationship Between Traditional Universities and Land-Grant Colleges"

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