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Historical museums deliver extraordinary information about Alabama’s past, and are increasingly sophisticated as well as important attractions that draw visitors who want to be entertained and educated in the state's history.  To recognize exceptional achievement by museums in promulgating state or local history, the Alabama Historical Association has initiated this Historical Museum Award.

Nominations and self-nominations are welcome. For more information on the nomination process, contact Mark Wilson at

 The Awards recognize excellence for LARGE and SMALL Projects according to the following criteria: 

  • Nominee makes an obvious contributions to promulgating Alabama history (state or local) 

  • Nominee’s information is historically accurate 

  • Nominee goes beyond merely advertising for the parent organization 

  • Nominee exhibits superior design and innovation 

  • Nominee adds informational value to displayed objects 

  • Nominee provides superior value for its cost 


[NOTE: These criteria are not mandatory minimums. They form a rubric for comparing nominees.] 

Categories: LARGE Projects employ more than one full-time equivalent (>1.0 FTE) professional staff and/or are a component of a larger organization with an obviously significant budget. SMALL Projects have fewer than 1.0 FTE professional staff (devoted to the museum) and operate on a smaller budget. 

To apply for or nominate an Alabama Historical Museum for this award, complete the form and return it to: 

Mark Wilson, Secretary 



Deadline for nominations is January 15, 2024.




Large: Mobile Carnival Museum
Small: Mobile Medical Museum


Small: Tallapoosee Historical Museum


Large: Museum of Alabama, Alabama Department of Archives and History

Small: Etowah Heritage Museum

Small Historical Museum award 2022 Mobile Medical Museum.jpg
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