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New Providence Primitive Baptist Church Site


Constituted in 1833 about 1 mile northwest of this location with 10 charter members. The Church was admitted to the Conecuh River Baptist Association in November 1833. In 1863, the Church moved to this location on land bought from Benjamin Dorman where a building was erected. Services continued until August 1981, when the building was destroyed by arson.
[2002: Co. Rd. 6, Glenwood, 31.67073N  86.18136W]




The area known as Sports was settled by Jonathan Sport and his son, William, who migrated from South Carolina in 1842. Jonathan and William owned 600 acres of land in the area at one time, farming and operating a grist mill. William’s sons John Solomon, William Garmon, Thomas Benjamin, Malachai, Daniel Webster, and Joseph Nathaniel have descendants living in the area in 2009. 
Originally called “Piney Woods,” Sports first appeared on an official railroad map in 1900.
[2009: Hwy. 29, Sports, 31.53203N  86.32501W]

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