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Countyline Missionary Baptist Church

The Countyline Missionary Baptist Church and adjoining cemetery were established in November 1882, on land donated by Shade Adams.  Originally donated by way of a gentlemen’s agreement with the founding members, the land was deeded to the ‘Countyline Baptist Church of Colored People’ in 1892. The first parishioners, including Adline Adams (wife of Shade), Jane and Alexander Johnson, and Robert and Harriett Wadsworth, had moved to the area from Brundidge, naming their new church after the mother church they left behind.

In the cemetery are the graves of the donor and the founding members, as well as those of scores of community members.  The earliest marked grave, that of Novie Miller Copeland, is dated November 13, 1893.
[2015: 598 Countyline Drive, Slocomb]

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