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Carl Atwood Elliott 
Congressman, Lawyer, Historian


A lifelong champion of universal access to education, Carl Elliott (1913-1999) served eight terms in the U.S. House of Representatives (1949-65), and ran for Governor of Alabama in 1966. Elliott's Library Services Act of 1956 brought books to countless readers in America's rural counties. His National Defense Education Act of 1958 enabled millions of needy students to attend college. Born in Franklin County, Elliott graduated from the University of Alabama, where he was elected President of the Student Government Association for 1935-36, earned his law degree, and received an honorary Doctor of Laws degree in 1972. From 1945 Elliott and his family lived in the nearby home, where Elliott compiled the five-volume Annals of North Alabama, co-authored The Cost of Courage: The Journey of an American Congressman, and practiced law. In 1990 Elliott was honored by the first John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award.
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Tubbs Cemetery


South Carolina-born Daniel Tubbs (February 17, 1794-25 March 1882) enlisted in the War of 1812 and fought in the final battle at New Orleans. Honorably discharged in Nashville on April 20, 1815, he and his wife, Matilda Sanders, settled on this site (Section 2, Township 15, Range 8) in November 1835. By 1840, a community building was erected for community gatherings, children's schooling, and a variety of denominations' worship services. The Tubbs Cemetery was placed nearby. 

Later moving to land granted him for service during the War in 1812, Daniel gave his land to his two sons, Daniel Lee and Samuel. Samuel Tubbs (April 4, 1824-27 September 1902) served in the 6th Alabama Infantry during the Civil War. Captured in May 1864 in Decatur, he was imprisoned at Rock Island, Illinois, until the end of the war. He returned to the Tubbs community in 1865 to purchase an additional 280 acres of land, the mineral rights to which he donated to the Georgia Pacific Railroad in return for rail service to the Oakman area. His wife, Malinda Cranford, and his children are buried alongside Samuel in the Tubbs Cemetery, as are descendants of Daniel Lee Tubbs and his wife, Emily Cranford.


Walker County

Created December 26, 1823 

Named for John W. Walker of Madison County, Alabama Chairman, State Constitutional Convention, July 5, 1819

Alabama's First United States Senator, 1819-1823


William Brockman Bankhead Home
1874 - 1940
Speaker of the United States House of Representatives


William Brockman Bankhead served Alabama in the U.S. Congress from 1917 until 1940. For the last four years of his life, during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidency, he served as the 47th Speaker of the House. He was the son of U.S. Senator John Hollis Bankhead, and the brother of U.S. Senator John Hollis Bankhead, Jr. An 1893 graduate of the University of Alabama, where he played fullback on the school’s first football team, Bankhead earned his law degree from Georgetown University. He was the father of noted actress Tallulah Bankhead, who was married in this house on August 31, 1937. Upon Bankhead’s death on September 15, 1940, President Roosevelt and a large delegation of dignitaries, including future President Harry S. Truman, attended the funeral and burial in Jasper.
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