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Atlantic Coast Line Depot

The Atlantic Coast Line (ACL) Depot once stood behind Broad Street, nestled close to the tracks between Depot Avenue and Depot Lane. The Alabama Midland Railway, later known as the Atlantic Coast Line, completed its tracks across Dale County in September 1889.  Ozark's businesses doubled in anticipation of the arrival of the depot by 1889 and between 1890 and 1920, Dale County's population grew by approximately 32 percent. The railroad connected the rural community to Alabama and the nation, allowing for convenient travel throughout the country.  The original wooden depot, located within a block of the public square, burned in 1910. A new brick depot opened with the arrival of the morning train on September 5, 1911. Soldiers in three conflicts utilized the depot.  On June 26, 1916, Company G, 4th Alabama Infantry and the National Guard's 2nd Regiment Band departed here for mobilization in Montgomery and duty along the U.S.- Mexican border. When nearby Camp Rucker opened in the spring of 1942, officers and draftees of the 81st Infantry arrived at the depot. On September 16, 1950, the Headquarters and Headquarters Company 131st Heavy Tank Battalion of the National Guard departed from the depot for Fort Knox, Kentucky, where they trained Armored Troops. Passenger travel from the Atlantic Coast Line Depot ceased in the 1960s.  The depot remained until January 2018 when it was demolished.

[Corner of Depot Avenue and Broad Street, Ozark]


This marker is currently in storage. It should be re-erected in 2010 near the new Daleville City Hall, located near the intersection of US Hwy 84 and Daleville Avenue.


Originally called Dale Court House. County Seat of Dale County 1831-41. William Harper, Probate Judge. Dale County originally included: present Coffee County until 1841, present Geneva County until 1868, part of Houston County until 1903. Dale County named for General Sam Dale, foremost pioneer guide, scout, messenger, leader of settlers through Creek and Choctaw Nations of Southeast and Gulf Coast. General Dale, cautious and cool in emergencies, was the right arm of frontiersmen and settlers. He led Tombigbee troops in Creek War, 1813-14, was messenger of British invasion and defeat, 1814-15, led Alabama Territorial Militia in Seminole War, 1818, served in Alabama Legislature from Monroe County, 1819-30. 
[Before 1965: Currently in storage (2009)]


Providence Baptist Church 
Organized May 26, 1849


First Pastor: Ruben E. Brown. First Deacons: William P . Bryan, Jesse Pouncey, Jonas P. Bell. Charter Members: William Green, David Kelly, Kader Powell, Elizabeth Kelly, Ardilla Green, Winny Lacy, Bill Fowler, Nancy Fowler. 

Bellwood, Cool Springs, County Line, Daleville, Shady Grove, Midway, New Hope, Shiloh, and Mount Moriah were formed by members of the Providence Church. "I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord." Psalms 122:1 
[1993: Providence Lane, Daleville 31.23505 N 85.73029 W ]

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