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General Jackson’s Military Road

Andrew Jackson returned victorious from the Battle of New Orleans along this path to Tennessee after the War of 1812. Already in use by 1812, it was improved with federal funds in 1816. The road handled foot, horse, wagon, and stagecoach traffic and attracted settlement along its New Orleans to Nashville route for much of the nineteenth century.
[2001, 34.07421 N     87.99788  W]



State Bank and Trust
Formerly Winfield State Bank

Bank stands as architectural and financial landmark. Began serving community 6-8-1907. Community's oldest bank. Doors kept open continuously even during the Great Depression. Current building designed by Warren, Knight & Davis of Birmingham and completed 8-27-62. Original vault door built circa 1915 by Herring-Hall-Marvin Safe Co. Late presidents included P. M. R. Spann, R. W. Harris, Jr., James G. Stalcup, Grace D. Stalcup, Wm. S. Stalcup and W. Danny McDaniel. Named to Alabama Register of Historic Places on 10-1-97.
[1999: Winfield, 33.92963 N       87.81514  W]

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